Nomad Espresso – Edmonton’s Mobile Coffee Cart

Who we are

Born from a love of all things coffee, Nomad Espresso’s unique and versatile mobile setup brings Edmonton an outstanding coffee experience wherever they set up camp. Indoor, outdoor, short or long-term, Nomad Espresso strives to bring you the quality of the traditional cafe experience, without the cafe. 

Where to find us next

Lately we’ve been busy with some more personal events, but check here often for info on our upcoming public events.

We are very excited to be working on some more popups around the city. Stay tuned for details!

Our coffee

transcend 49th

More than anything, Nomad Espresso is dedicated to quality. To ensure that we can consistently serve great tasting coffee we have taken great care in choosing our coffee suppliers.

Nomad Espresso is proud to use beans by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters from Vancouver and Transcend Coffee from here in Edmonton.